Planning ahead

The Co-operative Funeralcare has launched a new service that enables customers to purchase a Pre-paid Funeral Plan online. Additionally, we’re the only UK funeral director to give people the flexibility to manage that Plan via an online account.

Preparing for the future has never been easier

Pre-paid Funeral Plans are a simple way of paying towards the cost of your funeral in advance, while at the same time ensuring that your funeral will be carried out as you want it to be.

By taking out a pre-paid Funeral Plan you can:

  • Relieve your family of much of the worry and uncertainty
  • Reduce the financial burden on those you leave behind
  • Protect yourself from rising funeral costs in the future
  • Choose to personalise your funeral
  • Enable your family to add any personal touches
  • Nominate your preferred Funeral Director

With a choice of pre-paid Funeral Plans to suit your needs, The Co-operative Funeralcare pre-paid Funeral Plan gives you added peace of mind.

Complete peace of mind
By choosing a Co-operative Funeralcare Plan, your family will having nothing to pay for the items specified in your plan, no matter how much costs have risen in the future.

With our Plans you have the option of a Set Plan or you can choose to make your own arrangements, tailored according to your personal needs. Whatever your  choice, be it burial or cremation, a religious or humanist ceremony, a particular church or hymn selection, floral tributes, memorials or any other special arrangements, a pre-paid Funeral Plan can be created to accommodate your requests.

Our Plans carry no age or health restrictions and all arrangements are made by professionally trained and experienced staff. You can buy a Plan for yourself or for someone close to you and there are a number of payment options available including the opportunity to spread the cost over a period of time.

For more information visit Pre-paid Funeral Plans